5 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Lingerie


There is no doubt that guys love the look and feel of lingerie on a woman’s body. An appropriate lingerie will surprise your man and instantly get him in the mood. With the the help of right lingerie, your man will lust over like an animal.

Here are 5 tips to help you pick the perfect lingerie:

1 Simple color


Guys are visual animal.They want to see what you’re wearing and follow the curves of your body with eyes. So they don’t want anything that distracts from this. Neon lingerie hardly even looks good in the nightclub, and it’s probably not going to look good in the bedroom. Just stay out of super colorful items when choosing lingerie. When you are in doubt, basic black will always a good choice. Sexy and chic,basic black is matching for all body shapes and skin tones. Red is also nice , which can give you a look of “innocence” that is fun and playful even beyond your wedding night. White can also accentuate your curves and shape in hot and elegant, and feeds the mood.

2 Flatter  your figure
Long Dress Sleepwear

It is true that most lingerie flatter your figure.  Whether you’re athletic or curvy, You can wear lingerie and look amazing. But the type of lingerie you choose is also important. Downplaying your flaws and highlighting your feature, that is what a good lingerie do for you. For example, if you have a small bust but gorgeous badonk-a-donk, the lingerie should shape your bust but show off your hot “ass”-et. If you are self conscious about your middle but have an excellent rack, the lingerie should lift your bust but have longer fabric that lays over your belly, like a empire waist teddy. Guys just want two things about your lingerie: you look sexy, and they get excited by seeing you that way.

3 Easy to take off

Halter Bikini Babydoll

It will kill the mood when your man find it hard to take off your lingerie. Don’t assume that guys know how to unbuckle or untie in the right order to get you naked. Simple is better unless you plan to take off yourself.

4 Accessories

 See Through Nightdress

Sometimes, guys only notice your sexy stilettos or your jewelry when you’re wearing lingerie. So do not ignore the sexy effect the accessories will bring to you. Make sure the lingerie you choose pairs well with accessories.The only thing sexier than a woman in lingerie is a woman in lingerie with sexy heels wearing a necklace that doesn’t come off when everything else does. Before you purchase your lingerie, think about what you would wear with it and if it would look good.

5 Comfortable to wear

Halter Babydoll

Comfortable and sexy , tow things your lingerie should be.Your man might be distracted from getting turned on when notices that you’re uncomfortable with the lingerie . Imaging this :  you are scratching, wiggling or fooling with straps because you’re uncomfortable, when you should be focused on lighting your man’s fire. It is a awkward situation, isn’t it?You might not be wearing it that long, but you need to make sure that it’s going to look and feel great when you put it on.

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