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The 6 Best Sexy Bikinis of 2018

It is just spring though, but the best timing for grabbing the most fashionable sexy bikini to lead the 2018 fashion trend! In Newchic, you can find any style of bikini and swimsuit option that meet your need. If your very first consideration is being sexy for the next new bikini, you can find the best 6 recommendations below, including the bold see through bikini and string bikini.

Sexy see through bikini. When you want a swimwear that is breathable, sexy and leave some imagination to others, best see through bikini is your first choice. Black lace is a feminine and seductive decorating fabric to highlight the style of Newchic see through bikini!

see through bikini

Sexy Halter See Through Temptation Bow Flirty Lace Three-point Bikini Babydoll For Women, US$10.00


Newchic see through bikini

Women Sexy Halter Backless Bikini Sets High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit, US$13.55


Stylish floral bikini. Vigorous, eye-catching and stylish, these words are belong to the youthful plus size floral bikini. This style is such a great fit to the spring and summer! Sexy and cute, you can be both with the Newchic floral bikinis.

floral bikini

Hollow Criss-cross Bangage Print Bikinis Sets, US$19.02


plus size floral bikini

Plus Size Women Sexy Floral Printing Bikini High Waist Bikini Sets Bathing Suit, US$17.04


String bikini swimwear. String is so up to dated that highlights your clavicle totally. The slimmer the sting is, the sexy this design will be. Plus some interesting printings, you are the fashion queen in the sexy string bikini at the beach.

Newchic string bikini

Sexy Strings Halter Backless Wireless Bikini Swimwear, US$18.71


sexy string bikini

Sexy Pineapple Printed Strings Criss Cross Wireless Bikini Split Swimwear, US$17.84






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