full coverage butterfly bra

The Best Butterfly Bra to Pair with Low Back Dress

When you are going to wear a low back or a backless dress, the best underwear to pair with it is a butterfly bra. Though you are not wearing the full coverage butterfly bra out, its elaborate cutting and design highlight your clavicle perfectly and won’t ruin the elegant yet sexy feel you want to show by the low back dress. Staying charming in the formal occasions confidently, strapless butterfly bra is your best option ever! How the butterfly push up bra from Newchic create the best shape visually for you?

full coverage butterfly bra

Butterfly Embroidery Front Closure Wireless Adjustable Gather Soft Bras, US$19.99


It is a brilliant idea to pair a low back even backless dress with the a see through or stick on butterfly bra. You don’t have to be limited to by the same color or similar colors since the butterfly push up bra is going to build the harmonious looks without showing embarrassing part of your underwear.

butterfly bra

Sexy Butterfly Sticky Seamless Backless Strapless Invisible Breathable Bras,US$4.22

Best strapless butterfly bra has various styles from different cutting, fabric, printing to cup shape. You can see that Newchic is leading the most up to date style completely, which shows your sexy charms freely! Make sure that the higher part of the low back dress is 100% not contradicted with the upper part of the reusable butterfly push up bra, nothing will stop your beautiful style dresser.

butterfly push up bra

Sexy Seamfree Invisible Gather Silicone Strapless Embroidered Self-adhesive Bras, US$9.50


Designed to show more and cover more, the butterfly bra is not inconsistent. When your dress design is to highlight the bra, show it bravely. When you want to hide the convertible strapless butterfly bra into the low back dress, you can find some lovely options in Newchic too.


strapless butterfly bra

Sexy Invisible Silicone Strapless Self-adhesive Wedding Bras, US$20.19




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