plus size push up bra

Breast Massage to Increase Size

Want your breast to look more beautiful and sexy? Shop for the right bra is quite important. Plus size push up bra, backless bra, deep V...We know Newchic has many hot type on sale. But a more basic one, is to learn some breast massage to make your boobs prettier and healthier.

Plus size push up braPlus size push up bra

1.Push your breast from top bottom, then from bottom to top

Push your left breast with your right palm in a evenly power. From the bottom of clavicle, which is equal to the top of your breast. Then push it with the same power form bottom to top. Repeat 20~50 times, turn to the right breast with your left palm for 20~50 times too.

Plus size push up bra

2.Push your breast from central to side, then side to central

Push your right breast with your left palm from the central to the armpit then push it back with your five fingers. Repeat 20~50 times then change side.

Plus size push up bra

3.Apply a heat towel to your face

Apply a towel to your breasts for 3~5minutes after it is heated every night. Then massage the surroundings from left to right, 20~50 circles.


Plus size push up braPlus size push up bra

Follow the above massage lead for months, then you will see the effect of it upon your breast size. But there should be comfortable and sexy bras to enlighten your lovely breast, come to Newchic for the plus size push up bra or backless bra, we can provide with you many choices.

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