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First Bra, Means A Lot!

I remember my first teen bra was given by my mother when I was 12. If you are a mother, buying first bra for daughter seems to be your sacred mission. Girls first bra means a lot and is special, which is like a bud turns into a flower. If the daughter has come to her blossoming age, as a mother, you should have a clear idea about how to buy your daughter her first bra. Here comes some useful tips.

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Cotton Seamless Ventilated Soft Full Coverage Solid Color Girls Bra, US$15.80


At what age should girls start wearing a bra? Usually, breasts of women start growing from 8-year-old to 13-year-old, and when the breast start to protrude, it is first bra age. Girls start developing at different ages and different rates. So every girl is different, and your daughter might develop at a different pace from other girls. Just let her first bra thing come naturally.

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SHAKEER Comfortable Cotton Soft Wireless Stretchy Cartoon Printing Training Bra, US$8.04

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SHAKEER Dot Pure Cotton Front Zip Closure Wireless Movable Pad Sport Bras, US$9.57


How to choose the first bra for girls? What is a perfect teen bra for your daughter? Firstly, it is right to choose a bra with a soft cup if you’ve developed further. The first bra for 10 years old don’t need to push up or otherwise it might change the shape of the breasts and be uncomfortable. Underwire bras are also not wise choices for a teen bra since they provide support for girls with large breasts only. Your daughter just starts to develop, unnecessary. It is nice to choose a training bra for your daughter’s very first bra, which a comfortable and looks like crop tops, and she will also feels less embarrassed because the training bra age 10 is not obvious.

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Cotton Comfortable Solid Color Breathable Sports Vest Girls Bra, US$7.68


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SHAKEER Comfortable Soft Cotton Polka Dot Wireless Training Bra, US$4.63




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