Open g string for women

What Is G String Panties?

G string is a kind of sexy lingerie that consist of a narrow strip of cloth that covers only the genital area and stripes pass around the buttock, which can be worn by both women and men. Thong g string panties is a type of sexy thong with less material between the legs. The cloth of the G string for women can be a triangle shape held on by strings that has a sexual connotation.

G string for women


Thong g string panties



Why wear g string? Since it enables you to look the sexiest when you stay in the room with your love. The satin g string panties would be the perfect options to increase your sexy charms by highlighting your genital part seductively. How to wear a  cheap g string for women in a more fun way? See through design, flowery cutting and lace fabric are of great help! Open g string for women with such combination show your feminine style thoroughly.

satin g string panties


Open g string for women



Where to buy g string? Newchic is offering you the most fun and creative choice by its spring new arrivals. Bold items with largest exposure extend or romantic heart shape covering are waiting for you. How could you not wear the sexiest g string to capture the love from you man again? In the name of love, try it, be his sexy queen!

G string


cheap g string for women





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