Open Crotch Bodystocking: the Snake of Eden

Wearing  the Open Crotch Bodystocking ,  you are the snake lurking on the Eden, hissing in the dark,  laying on the bed. The man is  captivated by your mysterious curve shape. Suddenly,  You warped him  with your soft and tender ,  together you and him become one, happily melting in the thick night.

It definitely isn’t like any Open Crotch Bodystocking you’ve ever worn before. The upper design is made out of lace with a floral motif that offers lovely peeks of your skin. You’ll love the way this gorgeous design covers its delicate material over your shoulders, bust and midsection. This Bodystocking is not to be missed if you’re a fan of sexy crotchless lingerie. It is a great design if you’re looking for a sexy crotchless lingerie for a special occasion. You’ll understand the delicate craftsmanship and attention to detail that have gone into creating this garment the second you run your fingers over its beautiful surface. This Bodystocking proves that you don’t have to settle for costume lingerie or pieces that offer an unnatural fit if you want to show off your daring side.

This Bodystocking puts your bust on full display. You’ll love the way it draws attention to all your curves. Covering up while uncovering your body has never been more fun! It is rare to find lingerie pieces that come with lovely accessories. This detail helps to draw attention to your curves and highlight your shape. The great thing about this Bodystocking is that it provides a provocative look in a very classy package. You’ll enjoy an airy, natural fit in this Bodystocking.

If you’re ready to bring some Hollywood glamour into your life, this Open Crotch Bodystocking is a wonderful choice. You can be whoever you want to be when you wrap this gorgeous design around your body. It’s so easy to feel free and natural in a design that is so effortlessly feminine. The lacework and floral patters on this Bodystocking create an inviting opportunity to unwrap your body.

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