The Most Powerfull Pill For Man

【Generic Name】: Darling,dear, honey, sweetheart

【Chemical Name】: Wife

【Composition 】: Water, blood and fat carbohydrate.

【Description】: The product is a slender sugar pill, which surface coating by foundation, lipstick and other cosmetics. Usually, after removing its wraps, it is slightly different. Over time, the shape of the product will change and become fat and wrinkly, but it will not affect the efficacy of the product.

【Physical and Chemical Properties】: Easy to dissolve in sweet words. The melting point willlower with the catalyst of true love,diamond,money,flower.

【Indications】:Single, loneliness, lovesick.

【Usage】: One for a life.

【Packaging】 Various fashion ,jewelry,makeup, bags, different packing in different seasons.

【Precautions】 This product applies only to the adult male of single.You should be careful when you take it, and watch for any adverse reactions. Taking more than one will trigger severe allergic reactions . You can’t say it “not beautiful” at any time.

【Storage】: Keep it at normal temperature , avoid direct sunlight. During storage, don’t leave aside.

【Duration】: It depends on the degree of happiness, the longest can be a lifetime. The shortest, one day may fail.

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