What Is A Tankini

You must have heard about bikini, but what about a tankini? Tankini is a kind of bikini actually, but covers more of your body. As we know, top of bikini is mainly to cover the breast of women. But the swimming tankini, is able to cover the belly of women too. Therefore, in some ways, tankini swimsuits are better choice for women, and the plus size tankini is even containing bigger bodies for women.



Women’s tankini swimwear




Womens tankini swimwear is a better choice for conservative and not so slim girls. Why? First, it can cover the protruding belly if you have one. Some girls are busty, but have a not plain belly too. The push up tankini swimwear is the best to show off their sexy breasts but without showing the ugly belly, so they will look 100% perfect. There is no wonder that tankini online is such a popular search item.

swimming tankini


tankini swimsuits


When the big girls want to show their sexy charms freely, Newchic plus size tankini swimwear is there! Plus size is always a bonus for the plump sexy girls. These girls have the sexiest flavor in their bodies, but need the considerate design to highlight the advantages and cover the disadvantages for them. The plus size tankini meets the size needs of women while still creating sexy style for them. Flower printings, triangle halter, hollowing… The various creative elements of the Newchic cute plus size tankinis will never make you bored.

push up tankini swimwear


cute plus size tankinis






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